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Gina Sanchez

Gina Sanchez is the founder and chief executive officer of asset allocation consultancy Chantico Global. She also serves a Trustee of the Los Angeles County Employee Retirement Association (LACERA). She was previously the Director of Equity and Asset Allocation for Roubini Global Economics (RGE), advising their clients worldwide on investments and assets.


Gina researches all areas of the globe, from Latin America to Africa and the Middle East, looking at investment opportunities, future market trends, and general economic conditions. She considers how the institutional world thinks about investing for the big economic trends. Gina is considered a thought leader on the intersection between macroeconomic thought and long-term investing.


Prior to joining RGE, Gina served as MD of Public Investments at the California Endowment, a $3 billion LA-based foundation. She also worked as Director of Public Investments at the $10billion Ford Foundation, as a Portfolio Manager and strategist at American Century Investment Management, and in Emerging Markets Research at JP Morgan.


Chantico Global was spun out of RGE and now partners with Oxford Economics, the world’s largest macroeconomic consultancy to provide cutting edge portfolio stress tests across economic scenarios as well as portfolio rebalancing.


Alongside her role advising clients around the world, Gina is also a regular contributor and guest host on CNBC interviewing global business figures and commentating on the economy. She also writes, hosts and produces Real Life Economics, an Univision podcast on the intersection between economic theory and real life.