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Gregg Bernstein

Fund Co-Manager, Westridge Lending Fund II

Gregg Bernstein.png

Gregg Bernstein serves as the Fund Co-Manager of Westridge Lending Fund II, LLC, a commercial debt fund operating as a REIT specializing in business purpose real estate financing. Gregg has extensive experience in real estate finance, general residential and commercial real estate investing, general finance, management, and business development. In addition, Gregg currently serves as a co-manager of two other real estate bridge lending funds: HIF Lenders II, which has completed its investment period; and Westridge Lending Fund I, LLC, operating a REIT. Gregg is co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Rodeo Capital, Inc., a California licensed broker and Principal of Rodeo Lending, a California Financial Lender, respectfully. Since 2010, Gregg has been involved in excess of $1,000,000,000 of private money loans. 

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