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lifecache is a global scale location-based Augmented Reality platform transforming the way people consume content and explore cities.

Every city has its own unique story, and lifecache creates an experience that allows people to adventure through cities and explore the wonders and experiences found at locations all around. Through an engaging AR experience, lifecache allows users, creators, and businesses to guide people to locations to discover moments that uniquely exist at a place that gives life to the moment. As people explore moments all around the city, those adventures leave a lasting impression that define their travel experience.

lifecache is an end-to-end platform which consists of a Mobile phone experience, an Enterprise Web Portal, and a Mixed Reality headset experience. On our journey, lifecache has secured key industry partnerships with Niantic (Makers of Pokémon Go), Magic Leap (2022 Headset Design Winner), and currently working closely with Qualcomm whose technology is leveraged in ~90% of the Mixed Reality Headset market.

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