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A Word From Greg Kushner & Alyssa Weinberger

Dear Family Office Community,

It is hard to believe with the Labor Day weekend behind us we are full speed into the end of the year and what a year it has been! Not sure about you, but for me the days, weeks and months have flown by since the imposition of the stay at home orders. At the beginning of the year we were coming off a spectacular year for the stock market and most every asset class only to be shaken to the core by the pandemic that seemingly came out of nowhere to be the most cataclysmic event that as investors any of us have seen. In the family office world, obviously wealthy families were not impacted the way that so many Americans were impacted. When asked “how was I doing” during the past six months, I always answered the same way – “nothing to complain about” as I have a vibrant and growing business, I live in a nice home and most importantly I, along with my family are all healthy. Compare this to millions of Americans, who through no fault of their own find themselves unemployed with small children now stuck at home and perhaps in very cramped living quarters. So, in this issue of the Lido Consulting Family Office Newsletter, we all should recognize that we are all very lucky to be concerned with opportunities to best take advantage of the new investment paradigm. In this month’s newsletter there are discussions on investing along with other topics of interest for the family office community.

As of this writing, the stock market is in the midst of a rotation out of the market leading big tech names and into other more cyclical companies. Obviously, what comes next nobody knows other that to certainly say that there will be volatility ahead. The Fed has basically assured investors that they plan to keep interest rates low or non-existent for quite some time making the decision on how to allocate funds across an investment portfolio even more difficult that ever. It is the hope by sharing ideas of those involved in the family office arena, information will be provided to help those responsible to invest the family’s assets with ideas and considerations that have merit as we move past the immediate ramifications of the pandemic.

As a quick reminder, Lido Consulting for over 25 years has been serving the family office community across the U.S. and providing educational events that consistently rank as best in class regarding content, quality of the audience and speakers. Lido Consulting like so many companies has shifted from live events to virtual events. As such, to continue with our mission to provide timely information and best practices, we have been conducting twice per month webinars on topics of interest to our family office constituency. Our annual Family Office Investment Symposium had to be postponed this past March and we have decided to move forward with the event in 2020 but this time doing the two-day event virtually! We will be in touch once the date has been finalized. Also, almost 10 years ago, Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Business reached out to Lido Consulting to produce a three day “Certificate in Family Office Management” in conjunction with Pepperdine. That event is coming up soon and will also be conducted virtually this year on October 5-7, 2020. If you are interested in attending one or both events, please visit our website or contact Debbie Babbush at (310) 278-8232.

I look forward to “seeing” you at a future Lido Consulting event. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Greg Kushner

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Lido Advisors & Lido Consulting

Alyssa Weinberger

Senior Managing Director

Lido Advisors & Lido Consulting


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