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Jeff Garden, CFA, CQF
Chief Investment Officer, Lido Advisors
Alyssa Weinberger

JEFF GARDEN is Lido's Chief Investment Officer. His primary responsibilities include in-depth research and analytics regarding investment opportunities in equity, debt, and alternative assets. Jeff utilizes a multitude of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to manage risk and reward. He is Co-Chairman of the Firm’s Investment Committee, which focuses on developing investment and risk management strategies for client portfolios. Jeff monitors financial markets and the underlying macro-economic factors that drive them in order to optimize tactical and strategic asset allocations. He creates, tests, and implements financial models required to meet investors and the Firm’s needs. Prior to joining Lido, Jeff had a similar role at Union Bank of Israel’s Flagship Diamond District International Private Banking branch as their Lead Investment Consultant. He managed the largest book of clients, including 9 of the 10 largest private portfolios at the branch. Jeff was responsible for the analysis of international debt and equity securities, portfolio construction, asset allocation, and risk management. Jeff graduated from San Jose State University, holds an MBA from The Open University of Israel in Ra’anana, a Master of Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan, and is a CFA charterholder. He was also a Captain in the Israel Defense Force combat intelligence corps.

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