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Joseph Penner
Founder, Hill Street Realty
Alyssa Weinberger

JOSEPH PENNER has had a unique 40 year career during which he has worked in nearly every facet of the real estate industry, including lending, investment management, acquisition, ground-up development, value-added re-development and leasing, land development including obtaining complex entitlements in famously difficult California cities, asset management, and even hands-on onsite property management. Joseph founded Hill Street Realty and HSR Management Inc. (HSR) in 2001 and together they provide a full suite of real estate investment and management services, with capital provided primarily from an investor base comprised of high net worth individual investors. HSR has focused mostly upon apartments, office, retail, development and land entitlement.

During his career, Joseph was an executive at many of the real estate industries most noteworthy institutions, where he was backed by many of the largest institutional investors in the world to execute a variety of real estate investment strategies, including Citicorp, Legg Mason, Nomura, and Starwood Capital. Earlier in his career, he also worked for smaller real estate groups such as JRK investments and The Signature Group, where he gained valuable experiences mostly in property and asset management, giving him a unique combination of a detailed understanding of the inner workings of leasing and management, and development, combined with decades of institutional finance and investment experience.

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