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Lavinia Errico
Equinox Co-Founder, Wellness Expert, Movejoy
Alyssa Weinberger

LAVINIA ERRICO is a renowned entrepreneur, health and wellness expert, and inspirational leader. As co-founder of Equinox, she built one of the most successful fitness brands in the world, revolutionizing the industry and changing the gym experience. 

Now, she's at the helm of MOVEJOY, a cutting-edge company that is redefining wellbeing and transforming the way we think about exercise. MOVEJOY supports you to live a more fulfilling life by connecting with your body and mind in a deeper, more holistic way. It's not about achieving the perfect body or six-pack abs. It's about finding joy in movement. The practice combines ancient wisdom with modern science, blending mindfulness and movement to help people connect with their true selves. Whether you have five minutes or 30, MOVEJOY can help you tap into your life force and experience a sense of freedom, vitality, and joy everyday. 

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