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Open Invest

OpenInvest is a tech-enabled SMA manager that provides easy, low-cost direct indexing across client accounts. OpenInvest’s portfolio modeling services deliver dynamic client customization centered on the asset owner’s social values and other financial and tax factors while tracking chosen benchmarks. Benefits include tax optimization at the individual security level, creating your own factor portfolios, full account-level customization around personal values, real-time impact reporting, and user-friendly technology. Founded in 2015 by architects of Bridgewater Associates' portfolio management, risk control, and trading systems, OpenInvest is backed by Andreessen-Horowitz, YCombinator, and the founders of CapitalOne. OpenInvest now employs a staff of financial, technology, and ESG leaders across three continents and is recognized as a global leader in ESG implementation.

Neha Bhatia Ramdas

Vice President of Sales

Bhatia Ramdas is the Vice President of Sales at OpenInvest, specializing in asset management and client customization. Since joining OpenInvest in early 2019, Neha has led all revenue and growth initiatives at the company. She has nearly 20 years of experience within the financial services industry, spanning Investment Banking, Private Equity and Asset Management. Neha has a Masters in Mathematics from Cambridge University (UK) and a Masters in Financial Mathematics from Columbia University (USA).