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Triton Pacific Securities, LLC

Triton Pacific Securities, LLC, founded in 2005, is a dealer manager of alternative product solutions for financial advisors. We focus on providing access to institutional quality investment offerings to financial advisors and retail investors. At Triton Pacific Securities, we are committed to understanding the needs of the ever-changing market. We believe financial professionals should have access to high-quality investment managers with differentiated strategies to meet these needs. We consult, structure, market, and service these investment offerings, ensuring that our relationships receive a high-level of investment quality and service.

Brian Buehler

President & CEO

Mr. Buehler is the President & Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the overall management of the firm’s investment opportunities, new product development, marketing, operations and overseeing the sales activities for the company.

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1875 Century Park E #950, Los Angeles, CA 90067 | Tel: 310-278-8232

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